Tara Terra


Camaraderie of Tara Terra shines through on new album

"The group’s penchant for writing songs that begin soft and subtle and then transform into rockers is in full effect. Tracks on the new album such as “Trade Winds” and “In Between” are examples of that structure, but Light? is nonetheless sonically more adventurous than Daughter. The first single is “Like the Clothes,” and other tunes with hit potential include “Blood Sister,” which features a soaring chorus that recalls a groovy song on FM radio from the 1970s or ‘80s. The album's second single, "Feel Better," comes with Tara Terra's very first music video. The sublime “Overnight” contains a slow, mesmerizing chorus, which bleeds into a mid-tempo beat and then a great solo by guitar wizard and University of Illinois electrical engineering major Althaus. The song is reminiscent of the equally gorgeous “Shades of Blue” from Daughter. Another made-for-radio track is “Lorelei,” a spirited song that begins softly but evolves into a rocker and features a Fleetwood Mac-like chorus."

-Smile Politely