Tara Terra


This weekend in music: Tara Terra to perform at Be Here Now

"They’ve been working on the album with Rick Fritz, a senior audio engineer who has worked with the Beach Boys and The Soil and the Sun.

'Working with someone who has been at it for a long time will definitely bring a different quality to the sound,' Althaus said.

While on tour, they come in with little expectation on what the show and experience will be like. Their main goal is not to be 'big' or famous. They believe that if their music reaches the audience in any way that relates to them, then that’s a sign of success.

'As long as [our] music has positive impact to the world, that’s the goal,' Blue said, 'Once you reach [fame], there's no room for growth.'

The band members, who are just coming out of college or still balancing their workload with school and music, are passionate about making a difference in the world through music and wonder where the road will take them."

-Ball State Daily News