Tara Terra


Buzz‘s Most Anticipated Local Releases of 2016

"Tara Terra is a Champaign-Urbana favorite. Pushed by the songwriting skills of Emily Otnes and the production skills of Colin Althaus along with the many other talented members of the band, they all continue to grow as individuals and as a band. On top of their local success, the band also recently recorded an Audiotree Live session, which will be released on January 13th. The Audiotree session will include live versions of new songs (featuring guest vocals) from their upcoming album.

Our prediction is that Otnes, now more experienced and diversified musically, will bring in influence through her experiences in her other projects like Boycut.

“The new record showcases a lot of collaborative writing and arranging as far as the music goes, fun harmonies, and versatility as far as the feel of each song,” said Otnes. “We are experimenting with different textures and are really excited to show off some fun indie-rock bangers.”

Guitarist Colin Althaus also said that they’re hard at work “writing, workshopping and getting ready to hit the studio again.”

-Buzz Magazine