Tara Terra


Two Nights at Cowboy Monkey

"Pulling in an enormous crowd into the Cowboy Monkey, you could tell things were going to get hot really quick.  Tara Terra continues to grow in their sound, members and power at every new show. With both Colin Althaus and Emily Otnes in the band, there is no lack of excitement. Althaus is arguably one of the best guitarists in the area – especially at such a young age – and Otnes is one of the most successful singer/songwriters in the area. Their undeniable talent is combined with other members like Joey Buttlar on the drums, Alleya Weibel on the violin, Nicholas Soria on bass and bringing in extra vocals from Mariel Fechik of Church Booty. The night was filled with off the wall guitar solos and vocals, combined with the sturdy backbone from the rest of the band. The crowd was jumping, clapping and singing along and one can tell that the band has really hit their pace and is making huge leaps towards their future." - Buzz Magazine